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TWG Elevate Talks 2019

Implementing Strategy

Innovation Success at Scale

TWG's VP of Client Services Alamelu Radhakrishnan on how to break down the organizational and cultural barriers to real innovation in the Enterprise.

What is really holding back your innovation efforts? Working with digital product and innovation teams at some of Canada’s largest enterprises, TWG’s VP of Client Services, Alamelu Radhakrishnan, has worked through and around the major hurdles to fostering creativity and innovation at all levels of the organization. Creativity shouldn’t be limited to innovation labs and incubators; and in this talk, Alamelu will share actionable insights to make innovation part of the culture at all levels of the organization, in process-driven and regulated environments, through a focus on continuous improvement, people over process and a culture of personal accountability.

Strategy & Execution

10 Signs You May Be Performing Innovation Theatre

TWG's VP of Product Tom Walsham highlights the signs - and solutions - of organizational missteps in pursuit of innovation.

The financial industry’s investment in digital transformation over the past decade has put them in an enviable position compared to many other verticals. Customers interact effortlessly with online services and mobile devices deliver instant access through powerful, personalized native apps. With the most obvious problems solved, banks, insurance providers and other FIs have made significant investments in innovation labs and incubators hoping to uncover the Next Big Thing and keep hungry startups at bay.

In this talk from Elevate 2019, TWG’s VP of Product Tom Walsham examines the practices, org structures and activities that look like innovation but are, in reality, little more than ‘innovation theatre’. This session will provide actionable insights on how to position internal innovation teams and budgets to deliver real value, empowering and motivating your change-makers to keep your organization ahead of the competition.

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User Research

What Do Fintech Startups Know That You Don’t?

Understanding customer problems (and how to solve them) is an obsession for startups, and user research is essential to doing it successfully. TWG's Danielle Juneau discusses what the big banks can learn from scrappy fintech startups.

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What’s the motivation for building innovative products at your company? For Fintech startups, maintaining a singular focus on solving customer problems is a matter of survival. As retail banking services become commoditized, startups are leveraging ‘authentic’ experiences to draw customers from the incumbents. TWG Senior User Researcher Danielle Juneau shares how Enterprise FI’s can leverage User Research to shift their strategy from selling existing products to focusing on the needs of the customer.