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Product Growth

From data aware to data driven

We help companies make sense of their data to grow their business.


React to your data in real-time

Most products fail in market when they fail to drive conversions or retain users. Working with a consultancy that specializes in product growth will help you avoid the most common pitfalls.

Aggregate data

Collect and organize clean data.

Analyze insights

Gain a real-time understanding of user behaviour.

Improve metrics

Use the right growth tactics like marketing automation and A/B testing to get results.

Some common issues we’ve tackled in the past

  • Confusing/non-existent user flow
  • Low conversion of free to paid users
  • Data that’s not trusted by the organization
  • Absence of real-time and comprehensive reporting
  • Inability to run growth experiments like A/B testing

Ready to make the most of your data?

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A typical growth engagement

Product growth, done right

Since 2002 we've built countless products and platforms helping our clients increase conversion and engagement while reducing churn.

Align on strategy

Understand what your key measure of customer value is and how you can influence it across your organization.

    Activities include:

  • Needs analysis
  • Analytics framework workshop
  • Existing data and systems audit
  • Data stack recommendations
  • Implementation planning

Implement properly

Un-silo data from multiple sources to unlock insights into your entire customer journey.

    Activities include:

  • Taxonomy creation
  • Data dictionary development
  • Events implementation
  • Data governance setup
  • Quality assurance of data

Learn quickly

Use leading indicators to answer questions, validate hypotheses, and measure improvements over time.

    Activities include:

  • Reporting and dashboards setup
  • User cohorting
  • Ongoing analysis of insights
  • Team training
  • Process and cadence setup

Action effectively

From A/B testing to feature prioritization, know where to focus your energies to continuously provide more value to customers.

    Activities include:

  • Opportunity prioritization
  • Design workshops
  • Experiment execution
  • Product stack optimization
  • Ongoing data maintenance

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