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Platform services

Build the modern technology foundations that help you scale

How do you modernize your current systems while maintaining reliability? Can you move to the cloud and maintain your security and compliance mandate?


Make the most of modern technologies, data and security practices

Build technology automation and platforms that help your organization spend less time managing infrastructure, so you can focus on delivering business outcomes.

Cloud, devops and security

Get working software in the hands of your users as quickly as possible without sacrificing security or performance. We use on-demand services, managed infrastructure, and automatic scaling to drive down your costs while improving organizational agility.

Microservices architecture

Decreasing time to value is key, and we’re thinking about Microservices as a way to organize teams around that objective. When it’s done right, your teams are empowered to take ownership over the products they’re building, to ship features to users quickly and reliably, collect valuable feedback and iterate. Monolithic applications might be easy to manage in the early days, but as your business grows, challenges arise as team size increases, software complexity increases, and finding a way to distribute ownership becomes critical to maintaining forward momentum.

Data engineering

Data engineering has become increasingly important because of the growing need to optimize data flows to make faster, smarter business decisions. Proper data engineering can change your time-to-insight from days, weeks, or months to hours, minutes, or seconds.

AI and machine learning

More than ever, businesses are seeing their data as an asset, and building on top of existing data systems are increasingly sophisticated tools that can help derive insights across the organization, or can be built into products, serving users directly. Today’s AI and Machine Learning tools are becoming increasingly accessible to a wider audience of developers. We’re helping our clients understand how they can navigate these opportunities without investing in expensive, specialized skill sets.

Software modernization

We retain and extend the value of the legacy investment through migration to new platforms. We sunset the legacy software one function at a time to incrementally reduce risk and position modern APIs and cloud service architecture at the core of your business.


Cloud-native architecture

We’ll migrate your legacy architecture to the cloud, making it more secure, scalable, and cost-effective.

Infrastructure automation

We’ll impart our knowledge of automated infrastructure so that your teams can build in a faster, more reliable way.

Modern development

We’ll bring you up to speed on modern practices and programming languages to extend the value of your investments.

Some clients we’ve helped re-platform

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Modernize thoughtfully and unlock future potential

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