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Uber: Connecting Digital and Physical Worlds

From the November 2019 Design Leadership Summit

Uber's Dana Bright and Danielle Lindsay talk about shaping the vision to solve for Uber’s riders needs at airports in Toronto, Amsterdam and Mexico City.

Building a great customer experience starts with design. Every screen, every swipe, every wayfinding sign can improve or take away from a customer’s opinion of your product. For Uber, which operates in over 850 cities around the world, creating a consistent experience is incredibly complex. In this talk at TWG during the November 2019 Design Leadership Summit, Dana Bright and Danielle Lindsay explain how Uber’s design team tackles the challenge of creating consistent, intuitive and helpful customer experiences at airports around the world.

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UBER: By The Numbers (as of Dec 2019)
  • Number of years in business 10
  • Number of cities where Uber operates 850+
  • Uber Drivers worldwide 900,000
  • Number of daily Uber Rides over 15 Million
  • Annual Revenues (2018) $11.3 billion
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