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TWG’s Chris Eben Talks Tech Jobs with Toronto Mayor John Tory

How the mayor of North America's fastest-growing tech hub is planning for the future.

The past few years have seen a remarkable amount of growth in the Canadian tech sector. Edmonton and Montreal have emerged as leaders in the AI field. Winnipeg is home to hot startups like Skip the Dishes and Farmers Edge. Halifax, Vancouver and Ottawa all have thriving tech scenes. Waterloo boasts a top university and vibrant ecosystem of startups and accelerators.

Nowhere is this rapid growth more apparent than Toronto. The greater Toronto area boasts well over a quarter of a million technology jobs, and as Bloomberg recently noted, it’s also the fastest-growing tech job market in North America, beating out job creation in the Bay Area, New York, Seattle and Washington combined.

But sustaining this momentum doesn’t just happen on it’s own. On the eve of Collision, North America’s fastest growing technology conference, TWG’s managing partner Chris Eben sat down with Toronto mayor John Tory to talk about how all levels of government have a role to play in ensuring the Canadian tech sector continues to grow.

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Canadian Tech Sector Stats
  • Projected number of Canadian IT jobs unfilled by 2020 200,000 (source: Information and Communications Technology Council)
  • Global Interest in Canadian Tech Jobs +58% since 2015 (source -
  • Launch of federal Global Skill Strategy (GSS) Program June 2017
  • Processing time for immigration paperwork through GSS 10 business days (source:
  • Number of recent TWG hires via Canada's GSS Six (past 8 months)
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