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TWG launches 2020 Diversity & Inclusion Report

Mockup of TWG's 2020 Diversity Report


TWG is pleased to release our first annual Diversity & Inclusion report. 

Today we’re publishing this report to our community to highlight our ED&I mission, commitments, accountability, and structures.

In order to impact the organizations and communities that we serve, we need to champion an inclusive and equitable culture.

We also want to show how we’re using data to track our progress in becoming a leading equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace. Going forward, we will publish public reports annually in the spirit of transparency so others can learn from our efforts and programs.

The 2020 Diversity & Inclusion report includes: 

  • Our Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (ED&I) journey
  • 2020 ED&I initiatives and reflection
  • Corporate social responsibility activities overview
  • TWG demographics data
  • Focus and initiatives going forward

Click the image below to download TWG’s 2020 Diversity & Inclusion report.

This is where we are today but we acknowledge there is more assertive and courageous work to be done.

We continue to focus on improving gender parity and increasing ethnicity and women representation in our management and leadership teams, but we have also turned a greater portion of our attention and investments to anti-racist programs that support Black & Indigenous Peoples.

We’d like to share our gratitude to all TWGers for supporting our goal to create the best place to work, learn and grow. ED&I is fundamental to our ability to achieve this vision and guide our mission to help transform the way our clients build digital products, platforms, and most importantly, culture.

TWG’s ED&I initiatives are led by Andrés Aquino (Chief Operating Officer) and Alisha Patel (Sr VP, Human Resources and Finance). Send us a note at hello[at]twg[dot]io if you’d like to chat more about our report and learnings.