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TWG at Elevate 2019: Innovation Theatre

The provocative and entertaining Tom Walsham highlights the signs - and solutions - of organizational pursuit of innovation without a clear strategy or focus on pragmatic outcomes.

The financial industry’s investment in digital transformation over the past decade has put them in an enviable position compared to many other verticals. Customers interact effortlessly with online services and mobile devices deliver instant access through powerful, personalized native apps. With the most obvious problems solved, banks, insurance providers and other FIs have made significant investments in innovation labs and incubators hoping to uncover the Next Big Thing and keep hungry startups at bay.

In this talk from Elevate 2019, TWG’s VP of Product Tom Walsham examines the practices, org structures and activities that look like innovation but are, in reality, little more than ‘innovation theatre’. This session will provide actionable insights on how to position internal innovation teams and budgets to deliver real value, empowering and motivating your change-makers to keep your organization ahead of the competition.

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