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Our Work


Fostering a data-driven culture at Canada’s national broadcaster.

Client Challenge

CBC is Canada's national public broadcaster, with a mandate to inform, entertain, and strengthen Canadian culture. CBC uses data as a way for their producers to make decisions about their business, departments, and content in order to deliver on this mandate.

CBC was finding that not all of their producers were embracing data to inform their daily decisions. This was likely the result of the organization having multiple, disconnected data sources, varying levels of data literacy across teams, different ways of using data, and some uncertainty around how to use data to measure their business goals.

We set out to demonstrate how the daily lives of CBC’s producers—making decisions around the content they create and how they run their departments—could be made easier and more efficient through one unified, easy-to-use data intelligence dashboard.

If I had a magic wand, it would be about making it much easier for the people who are executing every day to be able to have all the information they need in one place.
CBC Producer
Mock-up of a CBC data dashboard.
  • UI Design
  • UX Research
  • UX Product Strategy
  • Slack
  • Miro
  • Google Docs
Design & Build
  • InVision
  • Sketch

TWG Approach

TWG partnered with CBC to uncover what was holding back their producers from adopting a data-driven approach in their everyday work. This allowed us to recommend the best way to support the team to influence data-driven decision making. Our process included the following:


Hosted workshops and interviews with CBC producers to understand current publishing and data workflows, pain points, and needs.


Determined what success looks like for a new data tool with each stakeholder, using evaluative research to test assumptions.

Design & Prototype

Created wireframes and prototypes for different feature sets in order to uncover areas of opportunity, followed by low-fidelity mockups of newly designed dashboards.

Test & Validate

Facilitated 1-on-1 remote usability testing with producers to understand gaps in the design and opportunities to make it more usable, while learning about the user’s behaviour and preferences.


We followed up with final recommendations for further research and next steps for their digital product roadmap.

The Outcome

We created low-fidelity mockups and a roadmap for an internal data intelligence dashboard to empower CBC producers to understand and leverage data to make better creative, content, and business decisions.

Our iterative research and design process showed CBC how you can more quickly achieve product-market fit by identifying user needs, then creating and validating hypotheses.

Our remote-first approach and expertise in running workshops, meetings, and collaborating using remote tools made for a seamless collaboration and successful project.

Mock-ups of a CBC data intelligence dashboard.
This is cleaner and clearer than a lot of the tools that we currently have access to. Visually it's easier to understand and there's more natural language.
CBC Producer