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TWG is proud and excited to announce that we’ve joined Deloitte Digital as of March 2021.

“We are eager to be joining Deloitte, knowing how much the firm values craft excellence and talent development.” says CEO Chris Eben, “We obviously gain from the Deloitte network and scale, and we are equally excited about sharing the culture and operating principles we’ve carefully cultivated over the last two decades.”

This is a significant decision that brings a mix of emotions, excitement, and unknowns to our team, our clients, and our community. On one hand, it’s the end of an era, but on the other hand the things that make us great will continue to drive us forward into this exciting new chapter. TWG’s culture, craft, ED&I mandate, and way of life are things we’re proud to be sharing beyond the services and products that we deliver.

“We’ve assembled some of the most creative and dedicated technologists in Canada – and created a culture where you can be 100% human at work. Our partnership with Deloitte Digital provides us a platform upon which we can build a more ambitious vision for TWG with the support and backing of a team that believes in us, how we work, and shares our approach to company building.” says TWG’s SVP of People, Alisha Patel.

We have pursued this path with the confidence that our strengths, values and operating principles will be honoured and enhanced. We have our people – both current and past – to thank for helping us arrive at this partnership and are grateful to work through this evolution of TWG with them. A big part of what makes TWG so special is how we stand together and support each other, and this will continue throughout this transition and beyond.



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